About Us!

What is Marquetry?

Many people do not know what Marquetry is. A small number in the world actually practice it, but it has been around for centuries. A vanishing but most ancient art practiced by the Egyptians. In one form or another, Marquetry was found in the tombs of Egypt 3500 years ago. Rare woods and precious stones were in a solid background to form a design or picture of that period.

Today, with modern machinery, thin veneers averaging 1/28th inch in thickness have been cut for the craftsman. With natural beauty of the wood and the cleverness of the Marquetry, beautiful pictures and designs can be created. The wood is cut with a sharp knife of jigsaw. The entire picture is then assembled and mounted with glue on the board. This is then sanded and finished into a fine piece of furniture. Marquetry as been called part art and part craft. The selection and arrangements of veneers, which come from all over the world, are to the Marquetarian as oil and watercolors are to the artist who paints.

What does the “Plus” mean?

In addition to Marquetry, the Garden State Marquetry Society will assist individuals to learn Parquetry, Intarsia, wood burning, scroll work and other related craft skills.